Backpack brand and choice
Update Time:Thursday April-12 2018  14:21:44

There are many brands of backpacks, such as NIKKO in Hong Kong, ZZRO POINT in Japan, and BIG PACK and VAUDE in Germany. As NIKKO entered the domestic market earlier, its reputation was louder and prices were higher. Most of BIG PACK backpacks use the "V" type inner frame design, which fully conforms to the human body structure and mechanics principle. The VAUDE brand backpack is produced by the German company VAUDE, which is Europe's largest and most famous manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment such as climbing and adventure. The VAUDE brand backpack produced by the company is also well-designed, full in variety, and of good quality. It is deeply loved by outdoor sportsmen from various countries, such as mountaineering and adventure. OZARK is also a well-known brand. The Everest backpack in its series of backpacks is a typical large backpack. MASK and ICEPICK are medium-sized backpacks.
When choosing a backpack, consider the volume and style. In addition, consider the user's size, body shape, and weight-bearing ability. For those who are not tall, do not choose a backpack with a large volume. In general, the size of the backpack used by a woman should not exceed 60 liters. When choosing a backpack, in addition to using your eyes to see it, try carrying out a heavy weight yourself, and walking around is often the best way to feel backpack performance. With the right choice of the backpack you choose, you will feel much comfortable when you carry the backpacks.

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